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What is Dogecoin?

  Dogecoin is a digital currency, or also a cryptocurrency. Its symbol, in general, is the letter 'D', sometimes it appears a little more stylized with a crossed line, something like this: 'Ð'. In its logo it brings a dog of the Shiba inu breed, whose image was taken from a Japanese meme, the “Meme Doge” - But what is the origin of the “Meme doge”? - The Dogecoin logo as we know it today, initially it was just a picture of a little dog, called Kabosu, sitting on the couch at his house, with his paws crossed, his eyebrows raised and looking at the camera, when it appeared on the internet, this photo had several funny montages and went viral as the “Meme Doge”. FOR THE WIN!

What is the origin of Dogecoin?

  Dogecoin emerged as a joke, a provocation to Bitcoin and, for that, nothing better than using an image of a friendly little dog that had already become a famous meme on the internet, that is, he was ready, the creator of Dogecoin just adjusted the image inside the coin.

How does dogecoin work?

  Dogecoin works similar to Bitcoin, it is open source in a decentralized way, it works anywhere in the world using blockchain technology and the fees for sending Dogecoin are extremely low and despite this, the speed at which transactions involving Dogecoin are confirmed are relatively fast.

Where can I use Dogecoin?

  Dogecoin is money! Every day it gets more popular and today it can be used to buy goods and services, but where it is quite widespread is in tipping systems given to people on social media platforms or given as a reward on websites like this one, Multi Coins website, which is a multi-coin faucet including Dogecoin, we offer Dogecoins as a reward for completing very simple tasks, try it! It's a great way for you to accumulate Dogecoins without having to buy them. The Multi Coins website is an excellent faucet option to be your favorite faucet, because in addition to being constantly updated, we pay directly to your FaucetPay wallet, a few seconds after you claim your reward here on the Multi Coins, it will already be in your wallet, this eliminates the chances of you being a victim of any scam.

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